Thursday, April 3

Techniques of the Old Masters (ongoing)

Given up the tablet for a bit to dabble in oil painting!

I'm taking a class at Sheridan for something to do (as well as some refresher life drawing lessons in Toronto, hooray!)

First assignment: Reproduction of a master work. I picked Georges DeLaTour because Baroque is just so much more fun to (re)paint than renaissance. Dramatic lighting!

This class involves everything from building the canvas or wooden panel to making the gesso from scratch to mixing the oil and pigment together in a mortar, then applying it to your surface in layer (wait a week before you can add another) after infuriating layer.
Next stage is to start glazing on different colors to achieve the actual colors in the painting.


PS: Comic Con was Rockn'! broke even for the table and almost all the money spent on prints and frames and whatnot. Maybe someday I'll put the photographic evidence up on flickr, but for now you'll just have to take my word on it. =3


Kt Shy said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay update! And it looks so awesome! Good stuff Sleenaw!

Pekoe said...

First art in months and its blatant plagerism, hee

Andrew said...

You're doing a Georges La Tour copy, that's awesome! He's one of my favourites!

Chris said...

Your painting looks fanatastic! I will definitely try to follow your progress on this. This style of painting is something I'm very interested in. The internet and blogs like yours seem to be my best source of help, so keep up the good work!

I'm working on an oil painting (I'm an novice) of picture of my grandfather from WWII. It's my first attempt at glazing. I'm posting my progress on my blog. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

Here is the link:

Thanks and your painting really looks great!