Friday, August 24

Fan eXpo

Hello internets!
I've been ignoring my blog for a bit, as I wasn't drawing much for a while, (due to laziness, employment and Kendo distracting me). But! I will make it up to you with an almost-bran-spaking-new drawering.

Katie, Jenn and I are going to be parked at a table at the Toronto comic con this weekend. Anyone planning on going please come say hello! It's my first table, I'm pretty excited. Or wired from the sugar. Probably both.

And now, an art!


Hesbell said...

bone and thorn! its so dang cute!

Pekoe said...

Thank youuuuuuuuuu-I'm happy I got to hang out with you guys a bit too!
I hope you like Harry =3

Neil said...

Very Nice stuff I dig it! How's things goin for ya?

martin wittig said...

Really great work on your blog!:)

Kt Shy said...

yoooooooooooooou my dear. Need to update, for updates sake!!!!!!! *guilt guilt guilt voodoo*

Pekoe said...

Owwww the guilts, they burns