Thursday, March 2

Pookie is squishy theraputic stress relief you know

A happy-birthday squabbledoodlethinger, for the worlds most excellentest painter and apartmentmate!

you've been through my new place, you will have seen the Pookies. (If you havent, I am refering to the plushie toys based on the Velveteen Rabbit, which is a delightful childhood story everyone has probably forgotten). There's probably about 50 of them in various places around the apartment, not excluding:

The balcony

Randomly in my room
Hung from the clothes rack. By the neck.
In the freezer at one point.

Mannnnnnnnnnnn, Febuary was unproductive.


Iraj Seyf said...

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You would be most welcome

Anonymous said...

Yes, artses!!!!!!!

Closet Space said...

Adorable! Is that for Chantelle? How cute! Wish her happy b-days for me! ^____^

Pekoe said...

twas! and I did!

Alina Chau said...

soooo CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

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