Saturday, March 25

I call them scortchies.

Oh man, I'm awesome at posting in this thing, arn't I? =3
Here's a teensy doodle, to prove I am not entirely useless.

I also made cookies last night!


Anonymous said...

*gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp* Something new!!! *dies*

Anyhoo, very cute sketch :)

Closet Space said...


Closet Space said...

Just to clarify... I was laughing at the picture, not the idea of you making cookies. You make good cookies!

Mike Barth said...

hey hey!!

nice to see your stuff again. i always liked your style.

i want cookies!

Pekoe said...

A&KT -->D'awwww I feel so loved Xp

Mike!! Long time no see! Thanks for the kind words btw, that means alot! =3 Hows Ottawa treating you?

Anonymous said...

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