Saturday, July 30

Ragnarok Build - (catchin up fiiiiiiiiiiinally)

So! Way back in May was this thing called AN, and a few fine folks decided it would be most dandy to do a group cosplay, which was the inspiration for this particular prop:

Krona's Sword, "Ragnarok" from Soul Eater

Here's a few shots from my second attempt at real carpentry ever; the first attempt being the animation table I built myself in second year animation (aka cobbled together with various scraps of wood). Used power tools even!

Building a sword:

annnnnnnnnnnnd the painted version:

Super fun to make! Super fun to swing around at the convention! Considering how many pointy bits are on it, I'm still quite surprised I was allowed to tote it around with me.
Here's an excellent reference to making various types of wooden swords, with lots of accuracy and attention to details, which is always very helpful when you really have no idea what you're doing and only about 2 weeks to do it in.


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