Thursday, July 31

Slappin' on the paint

Verdict: Tree Wall!

This is the little tub room. (the fishwall is just through the door on the right from here)

After laying down some quick pencil scratches for rough positioning, I mix up a random color (in this case a delightful grass green) and sketch out the trees in more detail.

Mom: "Is the whole thing going to be this green?"

The red and yellow paints tend to be more translucent than the other colors (this is just regular housepaint after all) so several more layers will be needed. This looks more finished than it actually is.

I've got most of the basecoat drybrushed in now, but theres still a portion of wall to the left I wont start until the next session, as it will be a floating tree, and therefore I need my final colors mixed up before I can proceed. Otherwise, things are progressing along pretty well, considering I've only done about 20 hours so far. Go me.

At this point my hand started going numb and I kept dropping my brush, so time to call it quits for this week. I left that green blotch on the right hand side just for you, ma.


Hesbell said...

so now every time she goes in the tub it feels like it's fantacy animation land!

Anonymous said...

You're such an awesome painter!! Looking great!