Monday, October 9


Unfortunately, the camera decided to die right as I was taking my final wide shots, but i have to go back eventually and take more without those stupid floresent lights on, so it is alright. You get the gist anyways. (Hint: THERES FISH NOW)


Littlewall! (Pre-fish)

Hidden Stuff!!!

(heh heh yes I am a dork)

Not so hidden stuff:


Closet Space said...

Selena this is beautiful! You should be very proud of yerself! And haha to the Zim fish!

Anonymous said...

It's a Zim fish!!

Woooooow but that's a great mural, Selena! Holy cow! :D

Closet Space said...

OH! Haha, I just noticed the Gir fish. Wonderful! We must get together soon for tea and bisquits.

YAOZA said...

Hey Selena.

Very cool work indeed. Beats the hell outta the mural i did in St. Thomas. Awesome!

Pekoe said...

Thank you, everyones!

Kt: You gonna make bissss-quiiiits? Yes we must!

reboundicon said...

your painting looks awesome!...i cant believe thats all hand panted very very very nice!

hope everythings going well too =]

WillArtDesign said...

Wow! Its buuuuuutiful! Mmmm, feeeesh. I love seafood.